About Us

The McKenzie Institute International is pleased to announce the formation of its Chiropractic Branch.  The Branch was created to further the Institute’s mission of providing training to qualified health care professionals to better serve the public.  The Branch works in conjunction with our other branches worldwide to provide training to chiropractors.  

Differences between the Chiropractic Branch and other McKenzie Branches

The McKenzie course information and materials are identical to all other McKenzie courses taught worldwide.  However, the Chiropractic Branch’s instructors have a unique understanding of the audience’s background education, post-professional education, nomenclature utilized, manipulative & manual therapy techniques and philosophies.  Our instructors are able to bridge any divide in conceptual understanding, which accelerates the attendee’s understanding of the foundational information.

It is our goal to provide each attendee with the best experience possible while completing the McKenzie training courses as it can have a profound impact on the patients we serve and our clinical practices.